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Morning Shots: Meryl Streep Has A Few Things To Say

Meryl Streep asks an interesting question about the fact that movies aimed at women often make a lot of money and still lose out to big-budget summer tentpoles when it comes to actually getting made: "Don't they want the money?" [The Guardian]

The fascination with Jane Austen as both a writer and a person sometimes seems to resonate in ways that aren't entirely about artistic appreciation, but The New Yorker tries to get at why people care about evidence that a newly discovered portrait of her may be genuine. [The New Yorker]

There are a lot of problems with Smash. I am unconvinced that adding Jeremy Jordan, currently in Newsies on Broadway, is going to solve them. Quite frankly, Broadway talent has never been that show's big drawback. What is done with that talent is. [EW.com]

TNT's reboot of Dallas scored almost seven million viewers on Wednesday night, which is pretty good for summer basic cable. In fact, it's good for any cable. In fact, it's just pretty good. [TV Line]

Apparently, the version of Monopoly based on The Godfather is a real thing. Boardwalk is the "Corleone Home," if you're curious. Yes, you can play as the horse's head. And you can collect $200 and advance to Go for killing someone! (I'm sorry — for "taking care of a rat.") [PopWatch]

Our sibling blog The Two-Way has the update on Little Darth Vader from the Super Bowl ad, who is doing well after heart surgery. Get well, cutie-pie. [The Two-Way]

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