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VIDEO: 'Zuul The Terrordog' Howls Along To 'Talk Of The Nation' Theme

Maybe Zuul's just trying to say she wants to hear more, or less, of Political Junkie Ken Rudin on Talk of the Nation.

Zull's human pals, though, think the Weimaraner has learned to howl along with the show's song.

"We leave NPR radio playing when we leave our dog, Zuul, home alone. It took a few interesting car rides (with NPR playing) to figure out that Zuul had taught herself to sing to the Talk of the Nation theme song," they say on YouTube.

Check it out — though we might recommend turning your volume down a bit. Zuul knows how to project.

Of course, being named Zuul might mean the dog has some "possession" issues. Who you gonna call if she does?

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