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North Country

Grant Will Fund Improvements On White Mountains Trail

NHPTV via Flickr CC
The Cohos Trail

A 165-mile mile hiking trail from the White Mountains to the Canadian border is getting over $30,000 in grants for an upgrade.

The Cohos Trail Association plans to build some new trails to help pull foot paths off of roads, improve bog bridges and help some remote sections in Coos County.

The Caledonian Record reports there also are plans to build kiosks and outfit them with signs that promote the trail and New Hampshire's Great North Woods.

The grants come on the heels of at $22,000 in other funds, including plans for a new log lean-to shelter to be erected along the trail next year.

Now in its 15th year, the Cohos Trail is bringing in increasing numbers of hikers and peak-baggers who wish to experience mountainous terrain.

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