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North Country

How North Country Reps Voted On The Moratorium on Wind And Electric Transmission


Eleven of fifteen North Country representatives were among those trying – but failing – to keep alive a bill that would have put a moratorium on wind farms and electric transmission lines such as Northern Pass until the state adopted a comprehensive energy policy.

As NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown reported the Science, Technology, and Energy Committee previously voted 13 to 6 to recommend killing this bill.

Wednesday the House voted 194 – 148 to take that committee’s recommendation and kill HB 580.

North Country representatives who voted to kill the bill were:

Gary Coulombe, Berlin, Democrat

Larry Enman, Errol,  Democrat

Wayne Moynihan, Dummer, Democrat

Yvonne Thomas, Berlin, Democrat

North Country representatives who voted to keep the bill alive were:

Brad Bailey, Monroe, Republican

Rebecca Brown, Sugar Hill, Democrat

Ralph Doolan, Littleton, Republican

Marcia Hammon, Whitefield, Democrat

William Hatch, Gorham, Democrat

Laurence Rappaport, Colebrook, Republican

Herb Richardson, Lancaster, Republican

Leon H Rideout : Lancaster, Republican

Robert L Theberge  Berlin, Democrat

Susan Ford, Easton, Democrat

Linda Massimilla, Littleton, Democrat

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