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Final results: Summary results | Town resultsThe BasicsThe New Hampshire primary is a mainstay in American electoral politics. Every four years, voters gather to help determine the Republican and/or Democratic nominee for President. While the state only has 12 electoral votes in 2012 (normally it’s 24, but the Republican National Committee penalized the state party for moving up the event date), the primary’s position as one of the earliest contests gives the state out-sized influence over the nomination process.Only the Iowa caucuses come before New Hampshire’s primary. Traditionally, New Hampshire’s broad-based primary contest has been seen as a counter-weight to Iowa’s more drawn-out caucus process, which tends to draw a smaller core of party faithful. In the case of the 2012 Republican race, New Hampshire’s electorate is seen to represent the more libertarian-leaning, fiscally conservative wing of the party, while Iowa voters are seen as representing the socially conservative wing of the GOP base.N.H. Primary summary provided by StateImpact - NH reporter, Amanda Loder

Voting In The North Country: The 2012 Contenders

Here’s how this year’s election in the North Country – including the September 11th primary - is shaping up, according to filings with the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

* Longtime Coos County Commissioner Bing Judd is being challenged by Rick Samson - also a Republican – who is deeply involved in the opposition to the Northern Pass hydro-electric project. There is no Democratic opponent.

 * Executive Councilor Ray Burton of Bath faces another Republican, Gerard L. Thibodeau of Rumney in the primary.  Democrat Beth Funicella of Jackson has also filed.

* Four candidates have filed for the senate seat being vacated by John Gallus, a Republican from Berlin. Jeff Woodburn of Dalton is the only Democrat. There are three Republicans. They are Frank Dumaine of Colebrook, Mark P. Evans of Berlin and Debi Warner of Littleton.

* Former Grafton County Commissioner Martha Richards, a Democrat from Holderness, is back, running against incumbent commissioner Republican Omer C. Ahern Jr. of Plymouth.

* The three Democrat incumbents in Coos District 3 are unopposed. They are Robert L. Theberge, Gary Coulombe and Yvonne Thomas, all of Berlin.

* Coos County Attorney Bob MeKeel – who has clashed with the Coos County Commissioners over the adequacy of office space - isn’t running for re-election. Two candidates have filed. They are Democrat John G. McCormick of Lancaster and Republican Phillip J. Beiner of Berlin.

* Two men from Errol are challenging the geographic dominance of Republicans Duffy Daughterty and Larry Rappaport, both of whom are from Colebrook. The challengers are Charles Kurtz, Jr., a Republican, and Larry Enman, a Democrat.

* Democrat William A. Hatch of Gorham, the incumbent, doesn't have a Republican challenger despite coming from a district that has sometimes elected Republicans.

* Both candidates for the redrawn and wide-ranging Grafton District 3 come from tiny Easton. They are Democrat Susan Ford and Republican incumbent Gregory Sorg.

* Two candidates from very different areas are facing off in the newly formed Grafton District 2 which now will try to represent diverse interests of farming and dairy along the Connecticut River and resort towns such as Franconia and Sugar Hill. Democrat Rebecca Brown of Sugar Hill is opposing Republican Denis Ward of Monroe.

Here's the line-up:

Executive Councilor Grafton 1:

Republican Raymond S. Burton of Bath, incumbent

Republican Gerard L. Thibodeau of Rumney

Democrat Beth Funicella of Jackson


State Senator Coos District 1 (replacing John Gallus who is retiring):

Democrat Jeff Woodburn of Dalton.

Republican Frank Dumaine of Colebrook

Republican Mark P. Evans of Berlin

Republican Debi Warner of Littleton


State Representatives for District 1:

Republican Duffy Daugherty of Colebrook - Incumbent

Republican Laurence M. Rappaport of Colebrook – Incumbent

Republican Charles H. Kurtz Jr. of Errol

Democrat Larry S. Enman of Errol


State Representative for Coos District 2:

Democrat Wayne Moynihan of Dummer

Republican James W. Tierney, Jr. of Northumberland


State Representatives for Coos District 3:

Democrat Robert L. Theberge of Berlin - Incumbent

Democrat Gary Coulombe of Berlin – Incumbent

Democrat Yvonne Thomas of Berlin – Incumbent


State Representative for Coos District 4:

Democrat Troy Merner of Lancaster

Republican Herbert D. Richardson of Lancaster – Incumbent


State Representative for Coos District 5:

Democrat Marcia Hammon of Whitefield

Republican John E. Tholl, Jr. of Whitefield – Incumbent


State Representative for Coos District 6:

Democrat William A. Hatch of Gorham. Incumbent


State Representatives for Coos District 7:

Democrat Evalyn Merrick – Incumbent

Republican William Remick of Lancaster – Incumbent

Republican Leon H. Rideout of Lancaster

Republican Jeffery P. Young of Jefferson


State Representatives for Grafton District 1:

Democrat Linda Massimilla of Littleton

Republican Lyle Bulis of Littleton – Incumbent

Republican Ralph J. Doolan of Littleton


State Representative for Grafton District 2 (no incumbent):

Democrat Rebecca A. Brown of Sugar Hill

Republican Denis P. Ward of Monroe


State Representative for Grafton District 3

Democrat Susan Ford of Easton

Republican Gregory M. Sorg of Easton – Incumbent


State Representative for Grafton District 4:

Republican Rick Ladd of Haverhill


State Representative for Grafton District 5:

Republican Edmond D. Gionet of Lincoln – Incumbent


State Representative for Grafton District 14

Democrat Douglas Grant of Franconia

Republican Brad Bailey of Monroe


State Representative for Grafton District 15:

Democrat Linda D. Lauer of Bath.

Republican Paul Ingbretson of Haverhill Coos County Attorney (no incumbent)

Democrat John G. McCormick of Lancaster

Republican Phillip J. Beiner of Berlin


Coos County Commissioner District 2

Republican Thomas M. Brady of Jefferson – Incumbent


Coos County Commissioner District 3

Republican Bing Judd of Pittsburg – incumbent

Republican Rick Samson of Stewartstown


Coos County Register of Deeds

Republican Tanya J. Batchelder of Lancaster

Republican Denise C. Fortin of Gorham

Republican Michael A. Neil of Berlin


Coos County Register of Probate

Republican Terri L. Peterson of Lancaster


Coos County Sheriff

Republican Bradley Jardis of Gorham

Republican Gerald Marcou of Gorham  - Incumbent


Coos County Treasurer

Coos Frederick W. King of Colebrook – Incumbent


Grafton County Attorney:

Democrat Lara Joan Saffo of Benton – Incumbent


Grafton County Registrar of Deeds:

Democrat Kelley Jean Monahan of Orford

Republican Tyler Drummond Littleton


Grafton County Register of Probate

Republican Rebecca R. Wyman of Haverhill


Grafton County Commissioner District 1

Democrat Michael J. Cryans of Hanover. Incumbent Grafton – incumbent

Republican Bill Sharp of Lebanon.


Grafton County Commissioner District 2

Republican Raymond S. Burton of Bath, Incumbent Grafton District 2


Grafton County Commissioner District 3

Democrat Martha B. Richards of Holderness.

Republican Omer C. Ahern of Plymouth – Incumbent


Grafton County Treasurer

Democrat Bonnie McCrory Parker of Hanover

Republican Carol A. Elliott of Plymouth


Grafton County Sheriff

Republican Douglas Dutile of Haverhill



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