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Colebrook's Rappaport Again Tackles Obama's Right To Be President

Rep. Larry Rappaport (R - Colebrook) led a news conference Tuesday by a handful of legislators in Concord to explain their argument before the Ballot Law Commission that President Obama is not a U.S. Citizen and should not be on the ballot next November. 

Here’s part of it as detailed in a legislative wrap-up story by NHPR’s Dan Gorenstein:

“I’m Representative Larry Rappaport, and today concerned New Hampshire State Representatives delivered a signed affidavit to state Attorney General Michael Delaney that we believe that Barack Obama was possibly not eligible to be President of the United States. This is not a birther issue. Our concern is only that he is a natural born citizen.”

The full NHPR story can be found here: http://www.nhpr.org/post/let-er-rip-nh-legislature-kicks-new-session.

A Concord Monitor story that details the commission’s meeting in November quotes Rappaport as saying:

"What I've said repeatedly is I want an answer," Rappaport said. "The birth certificate that was released, that I saw at least, was a forgery. I can say that with complete confidence."

The story is here: http://www.concordmonitor.com/article/293962/house-majority-leader-dresses-down-birther?CSAuthResp=1325688943%3Ahltbhj1og2hd5kbvordlklcpo5%3ACSUserId%7CCSGroupId%3Aapproved%3A4D3149A9AE9006EA6B07F8ABF1C2FA7F&CSUserId=94&CSGroupId=1

Here’s a copy of the news release Rappaport handed out at the news conference:

Today concerned New Hampshire State Representatives delivered  a signed affidavit to the State Attorney General Michael Delaney, stating that in 2009 Representative Larry Rappaport, Mr. Lucien Vita (now a State Representative), and Representative Carol Vita met with New Hampshire State Attorney General Michael Delaney and argued that they believed Barack Obama was not eligible to be President of the United States and requested that Attorney Delaney launch an investigation of Mr. Obama’s credentials.  The three believed that the people of New Hampshire had been defrauded by Mr. Obama’s candidacy.  The Attorney General stated it was a federal matter and refused to investigate.  

We believe that according to the United States Constitution (Article ll section 1paragraph 5) “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.”

A natural born Citizen, as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court in “Minor vs. Happersett”, Vattel’s “Law of Nations”, and the 2008 Senatorial resolution (SB 511), is one wherein both parents of whom were Citizens of the United States of America. According to the record, Mr. Obama’s father was born in Kenya. He never was a Citizen of the United States of America, making Mr. Obama ineligible to be a Presidential Candidate on the New Hampshire ballot.

Our attorney, Dr. Orly Taitz, esq. had previously delivered a written request to the Secretary Of State requesting him to review the challenge to Mr. Obama’s eligibility to be on the New Hampshire Ballot. The Ballot Law Commission met on November 18thto review our complaint. 

We were represented at that hearing by Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.  Our complaint was denied, but there appears to be an inconsistency in the process of the challenge. According to the Assistant Secretary Of State, Karen Ladd, and the Ballot Law Commission, they testified that they can only rule on the Ballot Petition making sure it is filled out properly and is accompanied by a check for $ 1000.00. They claimed that it is not in their purview to determine if a person is a Natural Born Citizen. 

However, the inconsistency becomes obvious when the record shows that on November 15th. 2007 the Secretary of State’s office ruled that a Mr. Sal Mohamed was disqualified,and on July 19th. 2011 a Mr. Abdul K. Hassan Esq. was denied a place on the Presidential Ballot because they were not natural born citizens. Both letters were signed by Karen Ladd Assistant Secretary of State.

Despite what we consider overwhelming evidence, our attorney, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. was denied by the Ballot Law Commission, then was denied a rehearing, and filed an action before the New Hampshire Supreme Court where she was subsequently denied.   We can provide copies of her challenges.  She has currently filed an appeal before the United States Supreme Court.           

The oath we took when we were sworn in as legislators was to uphold and defend the Constitutions of both the United States and that of New Hampshire. We believe it is our duty as your Representatives to support the Constitution and toinsure that anyone seeking the highest office in the land is qualified to be on the New Hampshire “First in the Nation” ballot.

Thank you….