NHPR Board of Trustees

NHPR is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of at least 12 people (and no more than 21) who serve for 3-year terms.

Peter Burger
Orr & Reno
Concord, NH

Geoffrey Clark
Portsmouth, NH

Jean Gottesman
Nashua, NH

Talmira Hill
TL Hill Group
Bartlett, NH

Joe Keefe
PAX World
Portsmouth, NH

Jane McLaughlin
Lyme, NH

Carolyn Mertz
Hanover, NH

Carla Muskat
Pathfinder International
Center Sandwich, NH

Betsy Paine
CASA New Hampshire
Hanover, NH

Matt Pierson
DunnRush & Co.
Bedford, NH

Alan Reische
Sheehan, Phinney, Bass+Green
Concord, NH

Marshall Rowe
Past Chair
Harvest Capital
Hopkinton, NH

Barbara Russell
Boston, MA

Pam Van Arsdale
Bedford, NH

Michael Wilson
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Concord, NH

Sherry Young
Rath, Young, Pignatelli
Concord, NH

Susan Zankel
Vice Chair
Manchester Community Health Center
Hopkinton, NH

William Chapman
Chairman Emeritus
Orr & Reno
Concord, NH

Mark Kaplan
Interim Executive Director
Portsmouth, NH

The board's meeting schedule is available here. 

Occasionally, the board is required to meet privately due to the sensitive or proprietary nature of the discussion. Those meeting dates and times are listed below:

August 13, 2018   1 - 3:30 pm   Orr & Reno Law Offices
September 11, 2018   1 - 3:30 pm   Orr & Reno
September 26, 2018   9:30 am - Noon   Orr & Reno
November 9, 2018   10 am   Orr & Reno
December 18, 2018   1:30 pm   Orr & Reno
January 10, 2019   8:30 am   Conference call
January 11, 2019   9:30 am - 5 pm   Orr & Reno
February 4, 2019  9 am  Orr & Reno
April 2, 2019  9 am - 1:30 pm  Orr & Reno