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From The Archives: Meetinghouse Readings


Archivists are all about anniversaries…we put a man on the moon 45 years ago this week, The Exchange marked that anniversary with help from the Sky Guys the other day. This week is also the 10th anniversary of Killington, VT officials meeting with NH Gov. Craig Benson about plans for secession and perhaps throwing in with the Granite State (more about that here). And a new Attorney General was sworn in 10 years ago this week, and five years later in the same week that A.G. resigned to explore a U.S. Senate run, which worked out pretty well for Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

This week I’m marking the 15th anniversary of The Meetinghouse Readings in Canaan – a bit of a local tradition. To put a finer point on it, I’m actually marking 14th anniversary of the second annual Meetinghouse Readings because that’s the one that then-NHPR reporter Robbie Harris attended and filed this story about.

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