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Top Stories: UNH President Opens Logo Deliberations; End Of Life Planning...For Backyard Chickens

University of New Hampshire

The top stories of the week for May 27 - June 2.

1. UNH President Opens Logo Deliberations To Public Amid Uproar

UNH President Mark Huddleston announced Friday 5/24 that he will seek public input for a new UNH logo. The move comes amid criticism over spending nearly $100,000 to create the three proposed logos.

Credit Lost Albatross via Flickr Creative Commons

2. End Of Life Planning…For Backyard Chickens

Backyard chicken raising is one of the fastest-growing facets of the local food movement. Cities and towns have been reforming land-use and health policies to accommodate raising chickens…a hobby many picked up after the 2010 outbreak of salmonella that led to the recall of 500 million eggs. Erica Strauss recently stirred things up when she urged readers of her blog to consider what keeping chickens means down the road…

3. Senate Vote Puts Portion Of N.H. Partnership Health Exchange In Jeopardy

A highly technical bill meant to streamline insurance regulation in the state isn't receiving support in a Senate committee, an action that could block the state's efforts to partner with the Federal government on a new health exchange.

Credit Courtesy of The White Mountain School

4. Affidavit: Victim Had Chance Encounter With A Man Out To Kill The Devil

The man accused of murdering a stranger – a California woman - in Littleton in January thought she was the devil who previously used the form of his father, according to Littleton District Court records released Tuesday morning.

5. In N.H., Hikers Head Out Unprepared

In New Hampshire this summer, many hikers will hit the trail without proper gear.  That’s the word from a new Brown University study. The report finds that younger hikers and those on shorter journeys are particularly likely to trek unprepared.

6. The Muddle Over Medicaid

The Affordable Care Act encourages states to expand Medicaid coverage and provides funding to do so. So far, the tally is roughly even between states opting in and opting out, but some are still undecided, including New Hampshire.  Medicaid expansion has support from the House and Governor but the Senate has some serious doubts.

7. How An Experiment In Oregon Is Impacting N.H.’s Medicaid Expansion Decision

One of the biggest and most contentious issues of this spring’s budgeting process remains whether or not the state should expand Medicaid. When the Supreme Court ruled last summer on the Affordable Care Act, it said the Federal government can’t force states to expand. Instead, states must be given a choice about growing the health care program for the poor.

8. The News On Newspapers

Newsrooms are shrinking across the country – including in the Granite State, which has seen several of its own daily papers struggling. The Internet continues to challenge traditional methods for gathering and delivering news, and many wonder if the daily paper can survive. However, some organizations are coming up with new approaches and finding ways to thrive.

9. Group Prenatal Care Takes Root In New Hampshire

Just off from a circle of cushioned chairs, behind a privacy screen, Jessica Densmore greets patients inside a Cheshire Medical Center conference room, in Keene. Today’s mothers, ten in total,  are all between 22 and 29 weeks pregnant. They come once a month, and then every two weeks as due dates approach, for their Centering Pregnancy appointment: basically a group check-up.

10. UNH Mathematician Stuns The Math Elite

Yitang Zhang has been lecturing in the Department of Mathematics at UNH for the past decade. And for the past three years, in between lesson plans and lectures, he’s been trying to solve one of the math world’s most vexing mysteries: the twin prime conjecture. Two weeks ago, his hard work paid off.