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Top Stories: A Decade Of Deregulation; The Best Used Mini Cooper Ad In History

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1. Environment: A Decade Of Deregulation

Prior to 2001, New Hampshire utilities built power lines, supplied electricity and simply passed along the cost to consumers. But that all changed a little more than a decade ago as most New England states chose to deregulate, meaning utilities had to sell their power plants, and just be in charge of operating power lines.

2. Word of Mouth: The Best Used Mini Cooper Ad In History

Back in November, “The Best Used Car Ad in Craigslist History” was brought to Bill Barry's attention through a Facebook post. He hit the "contact" button and got in touch with its author, New Hampshire’s own Tim McLaughlin. It's kind hard to describe … so Bill brought it to life for you.

SustainX 40 kW system v2.jpg
Credit Eugene Hunt / SustainX

3. Environment: Decarbonizing The Grid: Where Are We?

New Hampshire’s energy grid relies heavily on fossil fuels like oil and coal, and getting the grid off of those fuels will be a major hurdle in addressing the challenge of global warming. It’s proving a steep challenge to get carbon out of the electric supply, without breaking the bank for customers or utilities. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t trying.

4. North Country: Volunteer Rescue Groups Oppose Charging All Hikers For Rescues

House lawmakers will hear a bill Thursday  that would make New Hampshire the first state to make people pay fees any time they are rescued by Fish and Game. Backers of the proposal say they want to help Fish and Game recoup costs of expensive rescue operations, but opponents, including the state’s volunteer search and rescue outlets, say this bill is a bad idea that could put people, and the state’s appeal to hikers at risk.

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Credit Peupleloup / Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons

5. Environment: Canadian Hydro And The New England Grid

Along the corridor of towns that would host the controversial Northern Pass Transmission line, it’s hard to find much support for the project. But with power plants retiring and the slow growth of many renewables, all of those rivers in Canada look mighty promising to grid operators. As part of our weeklong series on NH’s energy future we ask does big Canadian hydro have a place in New England’s energy mix?

6. NH News: BAE Systems To Lay Off 200 In N.H.

New Hampshire’s number one manufacturing employer announced last Monday that it will lay off 200 people in the state. The layoffs amount to nearly 5% of BAE Systems' local workforce.

7. Environment: Flattening The Curve: Moving To A Two-Way Grid

The energy grid is vastly more complicated than it was ten years ago. The old model was to plug in and pay for what you use, but now the grid is starting to ask for something back from consumers. This change is aimed at flatten the demand curve.

8. Word of Mouth: States Differ In Defining, Supporting Gifted Students

Findings from a recently published national survey suggest that gifted students are getting the shaft. The survey looked at how states define, identify, and accommodate gifted students.

The Sidehiller Start_0.JPG
Credit Sean Hurley for NHPR

9. Word of Mouth: Snowshoe Racing: Winter's Leisure Sport Speeds Up

The Sidehiller snowshoe race in Center Sandwich is the oldest snowshoe race in New Hampshire…a remarkable distinction for an event that began in 2005. We sent correspondent Sean Hurley on a radio field trip to learn  more about the fast-growing winter sport.

10. Word of Mouth: Is Preventing Suicide A Better Gun Control Argument?

Since Newtown, debates over gun violence have focused largely on how to keep guns out of the hands of people who kill other people. The truth is that - by a margin of nearly 2 to 1 - suicide is the leading cause of death by gun violence.

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