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Top Stories: Flu Fever Hits The Granite State; Running Through Time On The Sandwich Notch Rd.

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Sean Hurley

1. The Exchange: Flu Fever Hits The Granite State

The influenza season started much earlier this year and the strain is considered more severe.  Many worry how much of a toll this will take. In New Hampshire, at least twenty people have died from the flu already.

2. Arts & Culture: Running Through Time On The Sandwich Notch Rd.

There aren’t many roads that have books written about them, but we have one in New Hampshire.  In 1973, writer Elizabeth Yates published “The Road Through Sandwich Notch”, which more than anything else helped secure the road’s preservation status as a part of the White Mountain National Forest.

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Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

3. North Country: On A Frigid Peak Biologists Research The Marten’s Comeback

Almost 35 years ago the American Marten was one of the first animals to be put on the state’s threatened species list, but now the slinky member of the weasel family is making a comeback. The question is how big a comeback and on a January morning with the temperature someplace around twenty below, Alexej Siren is getting ready to work on that.

4. NH News: Man In Snowmobile Crash Dies After Night In Bitter Cold On Shelburne Trail

A 29-year-old Shelburne man has died after injuring himself in a snowmobile crash and spending last Tuesday night in the bitter cold.

Credit Todd Bookman / NHPR

5. NH News: Counting The Homeless In The Cold

On any given evening in Manchester, roughly 50 people sleep in hidden camps, under bridges, in cars and inside abandoned buildings. Despite the extreme cold, last night was no exception. It was also the night a group of volunteers fanned out to count homeless people as part of an annual census.

6. Word Of Mouth: An Illustrator’s Journey Through Love And Loss

Danny Gregory is an author and illustrator whose work you might have seen in the New York Times or other publications. He’s also author of several books, including “An Illustrated Life” and “The Creative License.”  His newest is called “A Kiss Before You Go: A Memoir Of Love And Loss”. It’s a collection of illustrations and text compiled from daily drawings Danny did in the year following the death of his wife Patti.

7. NH News: Sarah Long Bridge Breaks In Frigid Temperatures

Department spokesman Bill Boynton said authorities were performing a routine test on Sarah Long Bridge last Wednesday when it failed to close all the way, becoming stuck about a foot over the roadbed.

8. NH News: Medicaid Managed Care Delay Could Leave $15M Hole In DHHS Budget

Implementation of the state’s Medicaid managed care program continues to stall. Further delays could lead to a multimillion dollar budget shortfall in the state’s largest department.

Credit David J. Murray / cleareyephoto.com

9. Writers on a New England Stage: Jared Diamond

Jared Diamond, Pulitzer Prize-winning and bestselling author of Collapse and Guns, Germs, and Steel, takes the stage to discuss his latest foray into a field he has made his own -- a biological analysis of human history.

10. Writers on a New England Stage: John Irving

From the youth spent at Philips Exeter Academy that pervades his body of work, through his studies with Kurt Vonnegut at the prestigious Iowa Writers Workshop – known for producing authors the like of Pulitzer winners John Cheever and Philip Roth - John Winslow Irving has emerged as a true literary heavyweight, distinctly American of voice, and one of the most influential cultural exports to come out of New Hampshire.

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