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0000017a-15d9-d736-a57f-17ff8cdb0000 This blog features news and updates about NHPR events, staff, and fund drives. Also, a behind-the-scenes view of life at NHPR!

Top Stories: The Story of the Bhutanese; N.H. Schools Stocking Their Virtual Shelves With E-books


1. The Exchange: The Story of the Bhutanese

For the past few years they’ve been our state’s largest incoming refugee group with hundreds coming every year.  A new documentary explores their journeys from nearly twenty years in refugee camps to new lives in the Granite State.

2. Education: N.H. Schools Stocking Their Virtual Shelves With E-books

E-books are now selling more copies than hardbound, print books, and the average public library e-book collection has expanded by 55 percent in 2010 and 75 percent in 2011. One place that’s been slow to adopt e-books is public school libraries. But a consortium of 33 public schools has teamed up to stock the digital shelves for the first time in the Granite State.

Credit Todd Bookman / NHPR

3. NH News: Traditional Pork Production Finds Home In N.H.

On Edward Epsen’s farm in Salisbury, New Hampshire, around 40 pigs are doing what lucky pigs get to do: forage for acorns and graze in pastures high with Timothy grass. The two that will die in a few minutes are American Mulefoots, a rare breed known for its lard.

4. NH News/Environment: Wind Farm Builder Makes Pitch To Skeptical Crowd

Advocates and opponents to the latest proposed wind-farm got to ask questions of Spanish renewable developer Iberdrola last night at a town-hall meeting in Grafton. Though opponents were by far the most vocal in attendance.

5. North Country: Suit Balsams’ Owners Said Blocked Financing Is Dismissed

A judge in Merrimack Superior Court has dismissed a suit that the owners of the Balsams Grand Resort in Dixville Notch said was holding up its re-opening.

6. NH News: Hydro Quebec Crews Arrive In Manchester

A fleet of monstrous blue trucks arrived in Manchester late Wednesday afternoon, October 31st. PSNH president Gary Long and Northeast Utilities CEO Tom May were on hand to greet the Hydro Quebec crews. 75 two-man crews were slated to be in New Hampshire by Thursday morning, with some crews driving as long as 12 hours to help restore power.

7. Word Of Mouth: PANDAS: Illuminating A Disorder And Its Controversy

The loudest and largest debate in health-care over these past few years has centered on coverage and how it ought or ought not to be extended to millions of uninsured Americans.  But for some Americans, coverage isn’t the problem – the problem is getting doctors to agree on the diagnosis and treatment for baffling, or inconclusively researched conditions.

8. NH News/Health: Health Insurance Advisory Board Gets Going

Back in June, the state legislature passed a law prohibiting the state from creating its own health exchange. Instead, New Hampshire will let the Federal government set it up. But with big Democratic gains in last week’s election, the state is likely to play a bigger role in shaping the exchange.

Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

9. North Country: Appraisal Triggers Latest Dispute Over Northern Pass

An appraiser who concluded the Northern Pass hydro-electric project would seriously diminish the value of Sandy and Jim Dannis’ land could lose his license because of a complaint Northern Pass filed with state regulators.

10. Elections 2012: Hassan’s Win Powered By $11 Million In Outside Spending

By the time her victory over Ovide Lamontagne in the 2012 governor's race was in the books, Maggie Hassan had raised more than $1.9 million in contributions from some 7,550 individual donors. But Hassan's road to the corner office was paved predominantly by a handful of political groups that combined to spend more than five times as much as the Democratic candidate's official campaign.