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Final results: Summary results | Town resultsThe BasicsThe New Hampshire primary is a mainstay in American electoral politics. Every four years, voters gather to help determine the Republican and/or Democratic nominee for President. While the state only has 12 electoral votes in 2012 (normally it’s 24, but the Republican National Committee penalized the state party for moving up the event date), the primary’s position as one of the earliest contests gives the state out-sized influence over the nomination process.Only the Iowa caucuses come before New Hampshire’s primary. Traditionally, New Hampshire’s broad-based primary contest has been seen as a counter-weight to Iowa’s more drawn-out caucus process, which tends to draw a smaller core of party faithful. In the case of the 2012 Republican race, New Hampshire’s electorate is seen to represent the more libertarian-leaning, fiscally conservative wing of the party, while Iowa voters are seen as representing the socially conservative wing of the GOP base.N.H. Primary summary provided by StateImpact - NH reporter, Amanda Loder

Top Stories: Higher Ed And The Candidates For Governor, Reflecting On A Decade Of N.H. Reporting

A list of the top-ten most-read stories on and
1) Elections 2012: Higher Ed and the Candidates for Governor  In the last budget, one of lawmakers’ most controversial decisions was to cut the state’s contribution to New Hampshire’s public universities by 48 percent. Restoring those cuts has emerged as a big issue in the governor’s campaign. But how that will happen is a question politicians have yet to answer.
2) All Things Considered: Reflecting on a Decade of New Hampshire Reporting  NHPR says farewell to a reporter who has caused more than his share of driveway moments.In his more than 11 years at NHPR, Dan Gorenstein is moving on from our newsroom to report for Marketplace, based out of Philadelphia. But before he jets off to his new job, he tells All Things Considered host Brady Carlson about what he learned in this one.

3) NH News: Medicaid Expansion Divides Candidates in Governor's Race When the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act, it said states must be given a choice about expanding their Medicaid programs. Option A: Keep things as they are. Option B: Enroll more people, and the Federal government will help you pay for their care. Democrat Jackie Cilley likes that second option. She says that if New Hampshire doesn’t grow its Medicaid rolls, poor people will continue to slip through the cracks, and that Republican lawmakers in Concord would bear the blame.

4) Word of Mouth:Voter ID Problem? There's an App for That. Last week, the Justice DepartmentapprovedNew Hampshire's new law requiring voters to present a valid photo ID at the polls, or to sign an affidavit attesting to their identity in order to vote. Josh Rogers, NHPR’s Senior Political Reporter, is here with more on what New Hampshire voters can expect.

5) NH News:  New Governor Could Mean Business For Medical Marijuana In N.H.New Hampshire’s House and Senate have together passed two separate bills legalizing medical marijuana. Governor Lynch vetoed both. Now, as gubernatorial candidates vie to fill his seat, a medical marijuana bill could finally make it past the governor’s desk.

6) The Exchange: Organic Food On Trial!  A recent study found little evidence of health benefits from organic foods, challenging organic’s reputation as the healthy alternative to conventional agribusiness. But others say researchers did find some vital differences around pesticide levels and that the study was too narrow, ignoring vital environmental and ethical reasons for eating organic. Today we'll look at the arguments on both sides.

7) Arts & Culture: N.H. This Weekend: Disc Dogs and SkateboardsWhat's a "disc dog"? Wanna do the skateboard slalom course? Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has the story of two unusual events in the Granite State.

8) NH News: Deadlines Loom in Health Plan Decision  A day after the primary elections, lawmakers were back at the statehouse discussing health insurance. At issue is what insurance companies will have to cover under the Affordable Care Act.

9) The Exchange:Leaving Behind the No Child Left Behind LawNew Hampshire is among many states seeking a waiver to the controversial federal education law, No Child Left Behind. State officials recently submitted their plan to adopt new standards for students as well as teachers, while paying special attention to the lowest-performing schools.

10) North Country:  In The North Country Ray Burton, Debi Warner Win  Veteran Executive Councilor Ray Burton of Bath trumps challenger Jerry Thibodeau of Rumney. Debi Warner of Littleton also won and will be the Republican contender for the North Country's senate seat vacated by John Gallus of Berlin.  She beat Frank Dumaine of Berlin.

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