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Top Stories: Candidate For Sheriff Says He'd Use Office To Stop Abortions, On The Road: Cars & Bikes

Frank Szabo

A list of the top-ten most-read stories on nhpr.org and stateimpact.npr.org/new-hampshire.

1. Politics: Candidate For Sheriff Says He'd Use Office To Stop Abortions  In an interview with WMUR-TV, Republican Frank Szabo says if elected Hillsborough County Sheriff he'd arrest anyone who performs an abortion for any other purpose than saving the life of the mother.

2. The Exchange: On the Road, with Cars and Bicycles  It’s been an uneasy relationship, with cyclists saying cars rule the roads, and drivers saying cyclists flout the law. In recent years, these groups have made some headway when it comes to relations, with more bike lanes and more education on avoiding collisions. But conflicts still flare up and many say there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

3. North Country: Forest Society Says It Has Deal To Block Northern Pass - But Wants To Raise $2.5 Million The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests says it has reached deals with several land owners in Coos it believes will block the Northern Pass hydro-electric project. But Northern Pass says it plans to keep working on the $1.1 billion dollar project.

4. The Exchange: Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jackie Cilley  Our coverage of the New Hampshire Gubernatorial primary continues with Democrat Jackie Cilley. A former State Representative, Senator and UNH Business Professor, Cilley has been vocal about not taking the traditional anti-tax pledge.

5. NH News: Gubernatorial TV Spots Analyzed  You might have seen more than a few political TV ads this summer. Many candidates are gearing up for the general election this November, but New Hampshire still has a Primary coming on September 11th. Granite Staters will be voting to winnow the field of candidates for governor, and these candidates are using TV commercials as part of their campaign strategy.

6. StateImpact NH: Casino Veto May Be No More Imagine a high school cafeteria with painted concrete walls and linoleum floors. Then switch out the lunch-tables for blackjack and poker tables — and you’ve got Rockingham Park, the race-track turned gaming room at the epicenter of New Hampshire’s debate over expanded gambling.

7. The Exchange: Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin Smith We continue our coverage of the New Hampshire gubernatorial primary, with Republican Kevin Smith. A former State Representative and lobbyist, Smith is a social and fiscal conservative, emphasizing in this race his plans to improve the state’s business climate.

8. Elections 2012: Most Campaign Money Remains Hidden In New Hampshire  With the 2012 primary less than three weeks away, candidates for state office in New Hampshire have until midnight Wednesday to file their first campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State's office.

9. NH News: Apple Crop Arrives Early  New Hampshire apples are already ripe, about two weeks ahead of schedule. They're available at farm stands and farmers' markets, but that doesn't mean you can head to the orchards to pick them yourself – just yet.

10. North Country: An Injured Hiker And 4.4 Miles of Trail  Volunteers carried an injured woman out of the White Mountains  who injured her leg on the last day of a five-day trip from Franconia Ridge to the Zealand Road in Bethlehem.

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