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Top Stories: Admitting Falsehoods, The Other Homebrewing

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on nhpr.org and StateImpact - NH website.

  1. NH News: Admitting Falsehoods, Bettencourt Resigns Again  N.H. House Majority leader DJ Bettencourt has resigned from office, and acknowledged he misled UNH law school about working as intern for a fellow GOP lawmaker.
  2. Environment: The Other Homebrewing: Modified Cameras Catch Rare NH Wildlife  In December Fish and Game announced that for the first time they had captured photographs of Canadian Lynxalive in Northern New Hampshire. The photographer that snapped those pictures was an amateur biologist and student at UNH, named Peter Abdu.
  3. StateImpact NH: Not Happy? You Might Be Spending Your Money All Wrong  “Wealthy people don’t just have better toys; they have better nutrition and better medical care, more free time and more meaningful labor—more of just about every ingredient in the recipe for a happy life. And yet, they aren’t that much happier than those who have less. If money can buy happiness, then why doesn’t it?” Ask the authors of a 2011 research dialogue in the Journal Of Consumer Psychology.
  4. NHPR All Things Considered: Need Mail Service in the Town of Sugar Hill? You've Got 30 Minutes As of this week, residents of Sugar Hill have a very narrow window to pick up stamps and drop off mail. The town’s post office, which had been open three hours a day, is now open for one half hour a day, 10:15 to 10:45 am.
  5. NH News: White Rips LGC, Senate Leaders  House and Senate members put long hours into legislation after the state’s largest pool – the Local Government Center – was charged with violating state laws and failing to return nearly $70 million dollars of taxpayer money.
  6. The Exchange: Should Liquor Be Sold by States? New Hampshire is one of just eighteen states where the government controls the sale of alcohol; an arrangement from the Prohibition era.  Now, several of these states are re-assessing this set-up, wondering whether it’s outdated.
  7. StateImpact NH: Baby Steps For Naturopathic Doctors In New Hampshire  Although Naturopathic Doctors(NDs) undergo virtually the same training as medical doctors, their services have not been covered by insurance companies in the state of New Hampshire.
  8. North Country: Linking ATV Riding Areas And Hoping To Boost The North Country's EconomyHarry Brown shuts off his ATV on the side of a cross-country ski trail notched in the woods above the Balsams Grand Resort. “We’re going to head north out of the Balsams property,” he says. Brown is among those working on a new network of ATV trails through the North Country.
  9. StateImpact NH: Concord, N.H. Super-Strong Economy? Today, Concord, N.H. was ranked #1 micropolitaneconomy by thePOLICOMCorporation, a Florida-based economic research firm.
  10. NH News: Dartmouth Conflict of Interest Claims Attract AG's Attention  The New Hampshire Attorney General is looking into claims that the trustees of Dartmouth College are funneling money for the investment of the school’s endowment into their own pockets.


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