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Top Stories: Bid By Resident Power for PSNH Customers Heats Up, Northern Pass May Face ROW Battle

Flkr Creative Commons / PSNH
PSNH's Merrimack Station

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on nhpr.org and StateImpact - NH website.

  1. NH News: Bid By Resident Power for PSNH Customers Heats Up   For customers of the state’s largest electric utility, Public Service of New Hampshire, electric rates are going up this week. Resident Power, the new utility in town, is using that fact to beat the drums and let New Hampshire residents know they can save money on their electric bills.
  2. North Country: Northern Pass May Face Right of Way Legal Battle  Much of the battle over the Northern Pass hydro-electric project has focused on cutting a new route through the forests of the North Country.
  3. Word of Mouth: Wealth Therapy for the .01 Percent   In 2006, Wells Fargo became the first bank to offer one-on-one psychological consults to wealthy customers. Unlike the counseling offered for debt-ridden, financially insecure Americans, Wells Fargo’s therapists were there to address emotional issues associated with having a huge portfolio.
  4. NH News: AG Disputes Civil Rights Lawsuit   The state faces charges that it doesn’t provide enough mental health services to people outside of institutions.
  5. NH News: Trout Stocking Feels Spring Heat   A fishing license in New Hampshire goes for $35. That money helps fund the State’s six fish hatcheries, where the vast majority of trout that anglers reel in are raised.
  6. NH News: Executive Council Has More Questions on Medicaid Managed Care   State and Managed Care company officials met Friday, April 14, with the executive council to discuss the contract that would change the state’s Medicaid Program.
  7. The Two-Way: Math + Physics + Fancy Language + Sneeze = Beating Traffic Ticket   Dmitri Krioukov, a physicist based at the University of California, San Diego, used some math, some physics, some scientific language and the claim of a critically timed sneeze to help persuade a judge to drop a ticket he'd gotten for allegedly running a stop sign.
  8. North Country: Bakers Without Borders: A North Country Immigration Story  Amid the immigrants who have come to New Hampshire are two French citizens – a doctor and a nurse - who saw America as a place for a radically new life focused not on patients but on making baguettes and Madeleines in the North Country.
  9. The Record: Levon Helm, Drummer and Singer in The band, Dies   Levon Helm, a member of influential rock group The Band, died in New York City on Thursday. The drummer, singer and actor, who backed Bob Dylan as he turned away from folk toward a more electrified rock sound, was 71 years old.
  10. NPR News: SuperDonor Backs Romney - And Gay Marriage   When it comes to campaign money, there's one industry GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney can count on: finance. Paul Singer, the man behind the hedge fund Elliott Management, has contributed $1 million. While Singer has long been active in GOP politics, he has also been deeply involved in another cause — gay marriage.

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