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Top Stories: Is Raspberry Pi a Low-Cost Computer Breakthrough? and Hiking for the Cause

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on and the StateImpact - NH website.

1) Word of Mouth:Is Raspberry Pi a Low-Cost Computer Breakthrough? One man is rethinking form and function with a tiny, inexpensive, bare-bones computer called the Raspberry Pi …which he hopes will bring the power of programming to even the poorest corners of the globe.

2) Morning Edition NH: Hiking for the CauseAvid hiker Larisa Dannis has taken her protest of the proposed 180 mile transmission line through New Hampshire’s North Country to the top.

3) North Country: Can an Automatic Pellet Boiler Lure Consumers Away from Heating Oil? A pilot project in Berlin is helping homeowners get sophisticated boilers that are automatically fed wood pellets.

4) North Country: Search and Rescue, Literally a Heavy Burden Typically winter hikers try to balance what they need with not turning themselves into recreational beasts of burden. But when searchers from New Hampshire Fish and Game head into the mountains they don’t have the luxury of light weight.

5) StateImpact:Seven Takeaways from the Carsey Institute's Report on Raising Wages for Home CareWorkers States are left to decide if they want to cover home care workers under their own wage laws. Many are choosing not to.

6) Word of Mouth:Daughter... Yeah, There's an App for that The founder of Boing-Boing sees the opportunity of an app-review podcast for both kids and parents.

7) NH News: Homemade Food Bill Stirs Cheesemakers  A bill is passed that, if it becomes law, would allow residents to sell some homemade baked-goods, preserves, and cheese at home or at farmers’ markets. 

8) The Exchange: Is "Right to Work" Right for N.H.? The state legislature is once again looking at whether the Granite State should join twenty-three others in adopting so-called “right to work legislation” which governs unionization.

9) NH News: Mapping the Legal Status of Same-Sex Unions In The Geography of Love: Same-Sex Marriage & Relationship Recognition in America (The Story in Maps), authors Mike Strong and Peter Nicolas uncover same-sex marriage legislation across the country.

10) NH News: N.H. Lawmakers Consider Rolling Back Gay Marriage As several states debate measures to legalize gay marriage, New Hampshire is considering a repeal of its same-sex marriage law.

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