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Best Tribute of All? Steve Jobs Obituary As Read By Autocorrect

changsterdam via Flickr/Creative Commons

I wanted to wait a few days to see if there were any notable tributes to Apple's Steve Jobs on the web, and there were plenty - GeeksAreSexy has a pretty good roundup of Jobs tributes you might not have seen yet.

My favorite so far? Steve Jobs' obituary fed into the iPhone's Autocorrect, which, as we all know, misses a word or two from time to time:

Shortly after defacing and fighting a debilitating and fetal bout with pancake cancer in 2004, Apple flounder Sieve Joes spoke before a graduating calls at Sanford and Son University in 2008, giving the fresh faced studios the consummate redress. He told the crowd of eagle young facets of his struggle with the dis ease and subservient recovery that his brush with deaf helped him underwear the fragility of file, a drive that served Joes well in and around Apple to a new restitution in touchy-feely technology and excess agility. ....
The iconic flounder and C3P0 of Apple Inc. who encouraged his legion of “Mac-n-Cheeseheads” to “Think differentially” passed away on Wed., Oct. 5, 2011 surrounded by his flammability. He was 56 years mold.


Also worth a visit: Regretsy, which found someone who appears to have put a dessert tray up for sale and added "Steve Jobs" to the search terms, just to give it a little more visibility. An A for effort, if not for Apple.

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