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Sick of Celebs? Teach Your TV To Mute Their Names

Sick of Snooki? Can't keep up with the Kardashians? Don't know what the heck Lindsay Lohan is up to? Don't want to know what the heck Charlie Sheen is up to? Matt Richardson's  "Enough Already" device lets you program words you don't want to hear on TV anymore, and mutes the sound before "Violent Torpedo of Truth" ends up going through your speakers yet again

The video below is intended for very serious makers, but here's the gist: Matt taps into the closed caption data coming through the unseen portions of the video feed. He sends the CC text to his computer, which runs it against a list of blacklisted words. And when it notices a "SHEEN" or a "PARIS HILTON" on the feed, the device replicates the "mute" command to the TV; when things settle back down it unmutes itself.

Personally, I'd like to see a version of the device that replaces each mention of Charlie Sheen with a mention of Ashton Kutcher. But maybe that's just me.

[ via Nerd Approved]

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