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The Bike That Can Read Your Mind

flow_br via Flickr/Creative Commons

Psychic bikes? Not quite (though Psychic Bikes would be a great name for a Robert Pollard side project). But the concept bike here is brainwave-powered. If you need to shift to a different gear, you think it and the neuro-sensing helmet sends a signal to the gear mechanism. The bike changes gears - no levers required.

The only caveats here: this is a concept bike, so you can't buy one; you have to do some training to "teach" the helmet to read your brainwaves; and eventually you have to use the bike's abilities to protect yourself from an axe-wielding Jack Nicholson, just like in the movie "The Shining" Ok, one of those isn't real. I think.

[via GreenLaunches]

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