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Yelling May Not Be Polite, But Politeness Won't Charge Your Cellphone

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/lazurite/4302673769/in/photostream/">Lazurite</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

Does that "low battery" message from your cellphone just make you want to scream? You can put that to use now, because researchers in South Korea say they've figured out how to charge batteries through voice waves. Cause the problem with cell phones was that people didn't talk loudly enough on them.

That said, yelling-as-power source holds a lot of promise, given all the screaming in a) Coen Brothers movies, b) old Sam Kinison routines and c) the Stella Shout-Out at the annual Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans:


As always, we invite you to share an awesome link in the comments. Just don't scream, ok? My ears hurt.