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See you in September: NH students greet the start of summer with mixed emotions

a student drawing that reads SUMMER
Sadaf Tokhi
Student artwork at Abbot-Downing School in Concord.

As the clock ticked on the last day of class at Christa McAuliffe School in Concord Thursday, Hudson Bach said he had a lot to look forward to this summer: sleepaway camp, a family vacation. But the 10-year-old also confessed to some mixed emotions about the end of the school year.

“I’m kinda like 75% happy, 25% sad,” Hudson said. “I don't know why I'm 25% sad. I just am, because ever since it was the second half of school I've been so excited to get out, and then all of a sudden at the end of the year, I'm starting to get a little bit of emotion coming up.”

Many New Hampshire schools wound down for the year this week. And while visions of days spent swimming, traveling or just hanging out at home filled the heads of many kids, the farewells to teachers and classmates stirred up plenty of big feelings.

At Abbot-Downing School, in Concord, Aparteem Panja said he is excited for summer, but he will miss his teacher.

“Ms. Hutchins is, like, a first grade teacher, and I love her so much because she taught me for 180 days, and now I know so much!” he said with pride.

Aparteem joined his classmates in dancing as music filled the hallway for the final dismissal Thursday. Outside, he was sure to high-five his teachers goodbye.

On the last day at Christa McAuliffe School, the fourth graders in Ms. Rebecca Olive’s classroom were daydreaming about all the adventures that summer will bring.

a group of elementary school students
Sadaf Tokhi
A fourth grade class at Christa McAuliffe School in Concord smiles for the last day of class, June 13, 2024.

Nine-year-old Ian Weinberg said he’s most excited about his family trip to Acadia National Park.

“I’m going to be staying in . . . it’s like a little hotel, and I’m going fishing and canoeing, and I have never done that before,” he said.

Ian and his classmates ended their last day of fourth grade with a poetry reading. Ian’s poem was about red, his favorite color.

Fellow fourth grader Aubrey Joslin said she plans to go to an amusement park this summer with her family. But her main activity will hopefully involve lots of time spent with her best friend.

“We’re gonna have, like, 30 sleepovers,” Aubrey calculated. “One sleepover at her house, and then my house, and then over and over, just back and forth.”

Sadaf Tokhi is a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she is studying journalism and sociology. She's written for the school's newspaper, the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, and has reported for the campus radio station, WMUA 91.1.
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