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N.H. News Recap For Oct. 1: Protesters Stop Executive Council Meeting, COVID-19 Updates

A woman in a black tee-shirt stands in front of a dais, flanked by a crowd. She's gesticulating, as others sit in seats in front of her.
Alli Fam
New Hampshire Public Radio
A person protesting contracts that would increase funding for COVID-19 vaccination efforts speaks ahead of the Executive Council meeting.

This week, the Executive Council was forced to postpone their meeting due to fears about the safety of state officials. The Executive Council was set to discuss contracts that would help the state expand its COVID-19 vaccine contracts.

On Thursday, New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella promised a review of the "facts and circumstances" surrounding the event at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, with the intent to discover whether any individuals violated criminal law, according to the press release.

Democratic Councilor Cindy Warmington called the behavior of protesters "insurrectionist."

State officials also announced that four new COVID-19 testing sites would come to New Hampshire in the coming weeks.


  • Alli Fam, NHPR
  • Josh Rogers, NHPR

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