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Former Trump Official Awaits Confirmation For Key Role In N.H. Education Department

McKenzie Snow
Via LinkedIn

A former official in the Trump administration and advocate for school choice is expected to take on a significant role at the New Hampshire Department of Education, pending a vote in the Executive Council this week.

If confirmed, McKenzie Snow will direct the Division of Learner Support, overseeing student assessments, technical assistance for schools, student wellness, student support, adult education, and career and technical education.

Prior to working at the U.S. Department of Education for two and a half years, Snow analyzed and advocated for school choice reform as a policy director at ExcelinEd, a non-profit founded by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and directed by former House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor.

She also worked on educational issues at the conservative Charles Koch Foundation and Charles Koch Foundation Institutes, according to her LinkedIn account.

During her tenure at the U.S. Department of Education and ExcelinEd, Snow championed Education Savings Accounts (ESA’s), which give taxpayer dollars to parents to spend on approved educational programs of their choice, including private school and home school.

Snow's confirmation is expected at the Executive Council meeting this Wednesday.

If confirmed, Snow will join a growing cadre of school choice advocates at the N.H. Department of Education, at a time when Republican lawmakers and some parents are also calling for expanded school choice options, including a local ESA program.