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Manchester Votes For Remote Learning For Grades 2-12; SAU 16 Rejects Hybrid Model

Ted Siefer for NHPR

The Manchester school board has voted to have most students learn remotely for the first quarter of the school year. The board approved the district's plan for reopening schools Monday night.

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Online learning for students in grades two through 12 will be held during regular school hours and follow a standard school schedule. Students in pre-kindergarten through the first grade will be returning to school for two days a week.

Board members supported a motion to allow teachers to make the decision on whether they would like to work remotely or teach in-person. Parents will have the option to have their children learn remotely at any time.

Seacoast district leans toward remote model

The SAU 16 Joint School Board has voted to reject a motion calling for a hybrid mix of in-person and remote learning this fall. Monday night's vote effectively supports a plan for all students to learn remotely for the start of the school year.

Superintendent David Ryan proposed the plan late last week for the several towns in the district, including Exeter, Brentwood, and Stratham. Each town’s local school board can still vote on their own plans for the fall - though some board members warned if a town decides on a different learning model, it could have chaotic ramifications for the district.

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