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U.S. Census to Cut Door-to-Door Operations By a Month

Courtesy of Nicole McKenzie

Census workers will have a month less than they expected to count all the households in New Hampshire.

The majority of households in the state have already completed the once-a-decade survey online or with a mail-in questionnaire.

But some areas - like Carroll and Coos Counties - have a response rate of less than half. The rate is also low in some of New Hampshire's most racially diverse neighborhoods in Nashua and Manchester.

The Census Bureau had planned on an October 31 deadline to go door-to-door and follow up with non-responding households. But the Bureau announced on Monday that it would shorten the count by a month, despite concerns about pandemic-related delays and low response rates in rural, immigrant, and non-white communities.

On Tuesday, N.H. Senator Jeanne Shaheen sent a letter to Bureau director Stephen Dillingham, expressing concern that the curtailed count was the result of "political meddling" and asking the Bureau to explain its decision.

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