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Higher Rates for Substance Abuse Treatment Providers Approved by N.H. Executive Council

Executive Council Chambers

The Executive Council has voted unanimously to approve more funding for substance-use treatment providers.

Part of that money will go toward guaranteeing a reimbursement rate high enough to cover the cost of care.

Mental health and substance abuse treatment providers raised concerns earlier this year that rates would drop in 2019 under the new Medicaid expansion program, forcing them to shut down services and beds.

Health Commissioner Jeffrey Meyers said the additional funds will allow New Hampshire to be on par with other states like Massachusetts.

"We raised the rate for high-intensity in-patient residential substance-use treatment that is provided across the state by about 10 treatment providers," Meyers said.

Those providers will now be guaranteed an almost $350 per day rate.

“The Department’s efforts to raise residential inpatient SUD treatment services is another critical step in the process to ensure our providers have the means and workforce they need to that people in New Hampshire can get help where they live," Governor Chris Sununu said in a statement.


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