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UNH, Community Colleges Form New Agreement Around Transferring Science Credits

NHPR Staff

The University of New Hampshire and the state's community college system have signed an agreement that will help transfer students interested in studying science transfer their community college credits.

As part of this agreement, community colleges took a look at the depth of what they taught in their introductory science courses, and made sure the content matched up with introductory classes at UNH.

The idea is that way, students start at the right level when they transfer, and not have to take extra time to catch up.

Kim Babbitt is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. She said this will better prepare students for higher level science courses at UNH.

“Now we have confidence as faculty across the whole system that when a student starts at a community college, the foundation that they're going to get is as similar as possible to the foundation students have when they start at UNH,” she said.

Babbitt said that, in some cases, a student will transfer, and not have the groundwork to pass a higher level science course.

"It doesn't do anybody any good to start out at a community college with the objective of saving some money only to then transfer at UNH, take a class fail it, and take it again. Now you're spending more money,” she said.


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