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Hampton May See Minor Flooding Due to New Moon, Tropical Storm Chris

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

This week's new moon and the remnants of tropical storm Chris could bring unusually high tides and minor flooding to parts of Hampton this weekend.

Drivers on roads near Hampton Harbor usually notice when tides reach their flood stage of 11 feet high. Low-lying pavement can become covered in water.

Thursday night's high tide was over 11 feet, and high tides may hit that around midnight and midday through early next week.

National Weather Service meteorologist William Watson says there shouldn't be any serious impacts.

"Very minor flooding right along the coast, with maybe some minor splashing a little bit, maybe a little bit of erosion,” he says.

Compare that to a major nor'easter like one this past winter, where tides over 2 feet above flood stage caused major damage.

Forecasters will issue flood advisories this weekend as needed.

Projected high tides at Hampton, N.H.

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