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State Pushes Back On Claims Of Illegal Restraint Use At Sununu Youth Center


State officials are pushing back against allegations of a pattern of illegal use of restraints on juveniles at the Sununu Youth Center.

In a statement, Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Jeffrey Meyers and Attorney General Gordon MacDonald say a recent report from the Disability Rights Center "contains numerous factual errors, unsupported conclusions, and incorrect statements of law."

One incident highlighted in the DRC report involved a 14 year old boy suffering a fractured shoulder blade after being restrained by Sununu Center staff in 2016. The DRC report alleged the injury was the result of an illegal and dangerous type of restraint.

The state alleges the injury was the result of the child and staff unintentionally falling to the floor during the legally justified use of restraint.

The state's response goes on to say that information included in the allegations of abuse were cherry-picked "to further DRC's objectives."

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