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Sen. Maggie Hassan Questions Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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Sen. Maggie Hassan questions Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tuesday

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is back in Washington Wednesday for the second round of questioning from Congress about the Cambridge Analytica misuse of user data.

Several U.S. Senators had tough remarks for Zuckerberg on Tuesday, and Maggie Hassan was among them.

“You know, you’re sitting here the head of a bazillion-dollar company and we’ve heard you apologize numerous times and promise to change, but here we are again,” Hassan said.



Hassan pressed Zuckerberg on whether or not Facebook would commit to working with Congress to protect users' privacy, to which he replied it would.


Hassan went on to say she didn't think Facebook would be financially motivated to change.


"Right now there is very little incentive, whether it's Facebook or Equifax, to actually be aggressive in protecting customer privacy," Hassan said.


There Zuckerberg pushed back. “I would disagree, however, that we have no financial incentive -- or incentive overall to do this -- this episode has clearly hurt us,” Zuckerberg said.  


During her six minute round of questioning, Hassan also offered the idea of financial penalties for when companies like Facebook suffer data breaches.


"The other question -- and it doesn't just go to Facebook -- is whether the framework should include financial penalties when large providers -- like Facebook -- are breached and privacy is compromised as a result," Hassan said.  

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