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New Admissions Strategy a Key Priority at Keene State


The new president of Keene State College says she is working quickly to try to right the school’s balance sheet.

The college has struggled in recent years to attract and retain students. Lower-than-expected enrollment has translated to significant declines in revenue from tuition.

This week, interim President Melinda Treadwell is launching a task force to look closely at the school’s admissions and enrollment strategy. She’ll ask that group to deliver preliminary recommendations next month.

Changing demographics across the northeast have left many colleges struggling financially and competing for students.

But Treadwell said Keene State can more clearly identify its niche and better connect with students who are likely to enroll. “Public and private [schools] alike who know who they are, and double down on that prospect, are the ones that are successful right now,” she said.

Treadwell took over the college presidency this summer. Former President Anne Huot stepped down earlier this year after accepting a severance package valued at more than $300,000. 

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