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New Manchester VA Whistleblower Comes Forward, Claims Retaliation

Peter Biello
The Manchester VA Medical Center has been under scrutiny after whistleblowers came forward with allegations in July 2017 of unsantiary conditions and dangerous delays in care.

An employee of the Manchester VA Medical Center says his bosses have retaliated against him for speaking to investigators about problems with veterans' dental care and the Veterans Choice Program.

Gary Von George worked as the Business Office Manager at the Manchester VA. He says he tried to resolve several issues internally.

But he says after Manchester VA leaders learned he'd spoken to the VA's Office of Medical Inspector, he was moved to a different role.

"They've taken away all my access to everything that I have," he says. " They've taken away my access to records on the shared drive. The only reason they'd do that is if they thought I was a whistleblower."

Von George, who has worked in the VA system for more than three decades, is now represented by a lawyer who's working with eleven other whistleblowers from the Manchester VA.

The VA said in a statement that if Von George has concerns about retaliation, he should contact VA’s Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection. He has.

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