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Hikers Could Get Stuck With Rescue Bill After Getting Lost (And Found) On Mt. Washington


A group of college-age hikers may face rescue costs after getting lost late Saturday night on Mount Washington.

Over the weekend, a group of eight friends from Connecticut took a day trip to climb Mount Washington but missed the last train down.

So they had to hike back  in the dark – something Conservation Officer Glen Lucas says they weren’t prepared for especially with 40 to 50 mph winds and temperatures reaching sub-zero.

“They had gear consisting of sweatpants, sneakers, one kid had shorts on, cotton shirts, just absolutely the worst conditions to be wearing hiking Mount Washington anytime during the year, particularly the spring,” Lucas said.

The group got lost and called for help, but then they met up with other hikers on the trail who led them to the bottom. In the meantime, they never told search and rescue to stand down.

Lucas says his team spent nearly two hours searching for them and ended up running into them on the trail. Under New Hampshire’s negligent hiking laws, the hikers could be responsible for the bill, which Lucas says might be a couple thousand dollars. 

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