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Sununu: Legislation Needed To Clarify Law On Postponing Town Meetings


  Governor Chris Sununu says legislation is needed to clarify state law with regard to whether local officials have the authority to postpone Town Meeting elections.

After several communities announced Monday they were postponing local elections slated for Tuesday due to the storm, the Secretary of State's office said state law required them to hold their elections regardless of the weather.

Sununu said towns ultimately had the right to postpone, but did so at the risk of potential legal challenges.

Speaking to NHPR's Morning Edition, Sununu says the issue needs to be cleared up to avoid confusion in the future.

“On a technical side, you have to clarify the difference between voting day and Election Day. It’s a subtlety in the law…and that’s where there’s some ambiguity. So we just need to clarify that and make sure people understand what the rules are and what the mandates need to be.”

Democratic leaders say they plan to file emergency legislation this week to ensure towns that did postpone voting can enforce those results.

Sununu says he supports that effort.

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