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N.H. Lawmaker Apologizes For Dropping Loaded Gun at Hearing

Handbook of New Hampshire Elected Officials

A state representative faced a strong rebuke from the Speaker of the House after she dropped her loaded handgun while entering a House Education Committee hearing Thursday.

Milford Republican Carolyn Halstead apologized for the incident, in which her gun fell to the floor, but did not fire. She says it came loose from her waistband while she removed her backpack.

Halstead was entering a crowded public hearing for a bill to increase funding for full-day kindergarten programs. There were some children in the room, but the incident appeared to go unnoticed by most of those in attendance.

Halstead says she has a concealed carry license and the gun's safety lock was on.

In a statement, House Speaker Shawn Jasper said he spoke to Halstead about the incident and called her lack of control unacceptable.

Lawmakers and members of the public are allowed to have guns in the Statehouse and legislative offices.  

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