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Shaheen Re-Introduces Bill for Random VA Hospital Audits

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Senator Jeanne Shaheen has reintroduced a bill that requires random audits of Veterans Health Administration hospitals.

This follows reports released in October by the Inspector General that show VA hospitals in Alaska, California, and Illinois are still delaying veterans’ care. 

The bill is called the Veterans Scheduling Accountability Act. Shaheen says these audits are designed to make sure veterans receive care in a timely manner.

"It’s a way to assess how the VA is working and keep people on notice that these are going to be random," Shaheen says, "and so they need to not prepare for an inspection on November 30th but to know that somebody has the potential to come in at any time."

Shaheen is a co-sponsor of another bill that aims to increase accountability at VA hospitals. That bill would allow for the demotion or removal of underperforming VA employees. That bill has been referred to committee.

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