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Mystery Solved: Bow's Wandering Emu Came From Vermont

Bow Police via Facebook

An emu famous for running wild through New Hampshire for more than a week has been reunited with its owner and returned home to Vermont, perhaps after recognizing the man's jacket.

The Concord Monitor reports Kermit Blackwood figured it was a long shot that the emu loose in New Hampshire was his bird, Beatrice.

It wasn't until the Townshend, Vermont, resident traveled roughly 80 miles to the Henniker-based nonprofit Wings of the Dawn when he knew for sure.

Maria Colby, manager of the wildlife rehabilitation center, said she knew the emu was Blackwood's as soon as they were reintroduced Sunday.

The emu moved closer to Blackwood and rolled its neck toward him, possibly recognizing him by a silver jacket he was wearing.

Blackwood says Taft Hill Farm had lost three emus about a month ago.


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