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N.H. Fish And Game Proposes Increase To Cost Of Hunting, Fishing Licenses


The cost of a license to hunt and fish in New Hampshire would increase next year under a draft proposal outlined Wednesday by the Fish and Game Department.

Under the proposal, a resident fishing license for all species would go from $33 to $38. Hunting licenses for New Hampshire residents would from $21 to $30. And a combination hunting and fishing license would go from $44 to $56.

Officials say the increases are needed to fill a $1.1 million revenue gap.

The state legislature this year gave the department authority to set its license fees, which have not changed since 2003.

The Fish and Game Commission is set to meet again Aug. 12 to finalize the proposal.

A public hearing would likely be held in September before a final vote.

The new fees would take effect Jan. 1.

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