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Fireworks Stores Busy Ahead of July 4th Weekend

Jacob Carozza for NHPR

It’s the busiest time of the year for Champny’s Fireworks in Bow. Deborah Colby, who owns the store, says her customers are spending anywhere from $15 to $3,000 on fireworks. Colby says some of the most popular products are the ones that used to be illegal, such as reloadable fireworks.

“They tend to be a good value and they’re very beautiful,” Colby says. “They tend to go a little higher sometimes than some of the multi-shot cakes.”

Reloadable fireworks have been legal in New Hampshire since 2011. But public safety experts warn they can be dangerous when not properly assembled.

Colby says that at Champny’s, safety is a priority. The store keeps fireworks safety tip-sheets near the register, and Colby instructs customers on how to properly use the products they purchase.

“There’s always inherent risk with fireworks because they are explosives,” Colby says. “All of our customers should be made aware of that. And we make a point to point that out to them when they’re purchasing them.”

In New Hampshire, only people 21 years or older may buy fireworks. But there is one exception–those 18 or older with an active duty military ID can also purchase fireworks.

Steve Mulloy, a customer at Champny’s, says that for his family, setting off fireworks on July 4th is a long-standing tradition.

“It’s been going on in our family for probably about forty years now,” Mulloy says. “I stop here all the time on the way up to our lake home. And it’s just a fun event for all of us. We really enjoy it.” 

Credit Jacob Carozza/NHPR
Champny's Fireworks in Bow

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