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First Set Of Portsmouth Tests Show Elevated Chemical Levels


State health officials have analyzed the first 100 out of about 500 blood samples taken from people exposed to a contaminant found in one of the wells on Pease International Tradeport.

The first 100 blood tests show concentrations of Perfluorochemicals PFOS and PFOA that are higher than the average American’s, but lower than other exposed groups like those drinking water downstream from a West Virginia DuPont factory.

There was also an additional PFC discovered, known as PFHxS, however, in higher concentrations than the others. Also found in firefighting foam, this contaminant has been studied even less than the other two PFCs.

During a phone call with reporters, Epidemiologist Ben Chan reiterated that these results are preliminary, and that little is known about the health effects of any of these chemicals. 

Results from the first 100 blood tests were mailed to individuals on Wednesday.  The Department of Health and Human Services will issue a report after analyzing all 500 or so test results.

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