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UNH Looks To Head Off Excessive End-Of-Semester Partying

Courtesy The University Of New Hampshire

 Officials at the University of New Hampshire and the Durham Police Department say they’re ready if any end-of-semester parties get out of hand this week.

Tuesday is the reading day, a campus-wide study day ahead of the start of final exams Wednesday. It’s also Cinco de Mayo, and there’s warm weather in the forecast. Those factors have all served as catalysts in years past for heavy drinking parties that have brought riot police to downtown Durham.

Chief David Kurz told The New Hampshire that "the stars are aligned, including the weather it sounds like, for a challenge." 

To head off any potential problems this year, Durham police have been planning to have teams of officers out in the community. They've also been meeting with landlords about lease restrictions that prohibit large parties. 

UNH officials, meanwhile, have been reaching out to students and their parents over concerns about excessive partying. UNH president Mark Huddlestonsaid in a video message it’s up to the entire campus community to keep celebrations from getting out of hand.

"Let's all celebrate in a safe and respectful manner," Huddlestone says in the video. "And please, take care of your fellow Wildcats." 

As part of that effort, Huddleston has invited all Wildcats to UNH’s own end-of-semester celebration Tuesday afternoon.

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