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Snowstorm Wasn't A Disaster, But There's Plenty To Clean Up In Nashua

Sheryl Rich-Kern for NHPR

A staggering two feet of snow landed in southern New Hampshire yesterday. And while it didn’t create any disasters, many in the Nashua area are digging their way out. 

As Tuesday’s storm bogged the Nashua region with heaping banks of fluffy snow, many hunkered in their homes. That made it easier for city crews to work through the day and night, clearing the roads for Wednesday.

While most businesses reopened, public schools remained closed, and many residents are still clearing the snow from their cars and driveways.

Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern for NHPR
Scott Solwick cleans up snow in Nashua

Scott Solwick of Nashua has been out of work. But the last two days have been an opportunity. Wearing only a sweater and jeans, he shovels a driveway not far from where he lives.

NHPR: "So when the snow started falling, what were you saying to yourself?"

"Money’s on the ground. Yesterday was good. Made 200 dollars yesterday. We actually just started today. Just doing basic cleanups. Helping out the neighborhoods," Solwick said.

The cleanup is likely a long haul with more snow in the forecast for Thursday into Friday.

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