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Heavy, Thick Snow Hits Southern New Hampshire

Sheryl Rich-Kern

It's the first big storm of the new year and crews have been out all day across the southern part of the state.

Saturday's thick snow has been a boon for ski resorts and snow plowers.

But for retailers, particularly independent shop owners, the forecast was grim news.

Cheryl Plunkett owns an upscale clothing boutique on Main Street in downtown Nashua.

Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern
City crews are out clearing snow in Nashua, N.H.

"Saturdays are usually one of our busiest days. Today will be one of our slowest for January.  It’s crippling. There’s no place to park. We don’t sell milk or bread, so no one is going to rush out here unless they really are adventurous."

Downtown Nashua stores stayed open most of the day, while city crews cleared the streets for shoppers who did venture out.