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NH News

City Aldermen Push Back On Manchester Park Closure

Carol Robidoux
Manchester Ink Link

  Some Manchester aldermen are pushing back on a decision by Mayor Ted Gatsas to close a park to the public during school hours.

The decision to erect signs at Bronstein Park warning the public that the park is off limits during school hours came a week after a spike in spice-related overdoses, some of which occurred at the park. Gatsas argues the park is city property meant for use by Central High School. But some aldermen, like Garth Corriveau, say the unilateral decision may have unforeseen consequences.

“By closing a park, that really doesn’t address the drug epidemic the city is undergoing right now. It just will move it from one park to another. From one public space to another.”

Corriveau says he’s asked the committee on lands and buildings to convene a meeting to review the decision and allow for public testimony. The park has been used by the school and the public simultaneously until now. 

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