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Prison Program Allows Children To Spend Time With Incarcerated Parents

Cheryl Senter

Two children will spend the day with their mother who is serving time in a New Hampshire prison as part of program to strengthen families and reduce recidivism.

The program started in 2012 to give children a chance to paint, play games and dine with their incarcerated moms or dads while also attending a traditional two-week summer camp.

The program had to be scaled back this year when the overnight camp in Penacook closed for the summer due to a bed bug infestation.

The two children visiting their mother at the women's prison in Goffstown Wednesday are part of a group of seven taking part in the program this year. Children visited their fathers at the men's prison in Concord on Tuesday and will do so again on Thursday.

Related: In 2012, Dan Gorenstein reported on the plan for the summer camp designed to let kids spend time with incarcerated parents.

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