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Judge Orders Tenants Out Of Condemned Concord Building

NHPR / Michael Brindley

A district court judge set deadline of 4 p.m. Friday for tenants to vacate a condemned building in downtown Concord.

The order gave tenants a few more hours to collect their belongings before city health officials clear the Vegas Block on North Main Street. (Scroll down to read the order, embedded below.)

New Hampshire Legal Assistance filed an emergency lawsuit on behalf of the tenants Friday morning, after they were told they had to vacate the building by noon that day.

Attorney Stephanie Bray says she’s pleased the residents were given a bit more time, but there’s still work to be done.

“There are 20 households that are going to have to find new living spaces. Some of them have physical disabilities or other unique issues that make that process a little challenging.”

She says Concord Human Services is working with tenants.

City health inspectors say violations in the building include broken smoke detectors and locks, cockroaches and bedbugs.

Kat Hutchins was moving her belongings out Friday afternoon and said she had nowhere to go.

“We’re not saying we want to stay here and live with the bedbugs. Of course we want out. But we just need more than a 24-hour notice to be able to move everything in our possession out.”

A review hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Order to vacate the Vegas Block issued on 8.08.14

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