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Gov. Hassan OKs New Charitable Gaming Regulations


New regulations are coming to the state’s charitable gaming facilities.

Governor Maggie Hassan signed a bill into law Monday she says strengthens the state’s oversight of charitable gaming in New Hampshire.

The law gives the state’s Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission more power to regulate the state’s gaming operations.

Jaffrey State Representative Richard Ames was the bill’s prime sponsor.

“They will have increased capacity and increased responsibility for auditing, setting rules for the conduct of gaming operations in these casinos that are charitable casinos.”

The law goes into effect July of next year, and the increased regulation will come at a cost.

The commission estimates it will spend an additional $200,000 a year to hire an internal auditor and other staff.

And the Attorney General’s office says it will spend another $500,000 annually for background checks on gaming operators required under the new law.

But Ames says:

“This is a cost of having charitable gaming in New Hampshire that needs to be recognized.”

Charities made roughly $13 million through gaming in 2013.

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