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Executive Council Weighs Higher Threshold For State Contracts

The state’s Executive Council will consider Tuesday whether to raise the dollar amount for contracts that must come before the five-member body for approval.

Currently, the council votes on all state contracts $10,000 or more and all personnel contracts of more than $2,500.

Councilor Colin Van Ostern says the policy bogs down the agenda with dozens of contracts that should be handled by state agencies.

“So we end up spending a lot of time on these small items and less time that we should be spending on these big contracts that are more impactful and impact a lot more people in the state.”

There’s been no formal proposal for what the dollar amount should be.

Van Ostern says the council will likely discuss whether to pursue a change to the policy at today’s meeting, and then seek a recommendation from the Department of Administrative Services.

He says a decision could then be made at the council’s meeting next month.

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