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Massachusetts Man Convicted For Voting In New Hampshire

During the 2008 presidential election and the 2012 presidential election and primary, Lorin Schneider Jr. voted at the Ward 9 polling place in Manchester, NH.

The problem?  He’s lived in Massachusetts for the last twenty years. On Monday, Schneider pleaded guilty to three counts of wrongful voting.

Assistant Attorney General, Stephen LaBonte says in 2012,  state lawmakers changed wrongful voting from a misdemeanor to a felony, which means Schneider was charged differently for the same crime.

The conduct that occurred after June of 2012 was charged as a felony, and the previous two were charged as misdemeanors.

LaBonte says over his 10 years working for the AG’s office, this is the first case of voter fraud he’s heard of in New Hampshire.

If Schneider maintains good behavior for 5 years, he won’t have to serve his 1-3 year prison sentence.  He does have to pay penalties of about $6000.